AC and Refrigerator motors

Types of motors

What is AC and refrigerator motors and how it works?

Air conditioners (ACs) and refrigerator motor both use motors as integral components of their systems. These AC and refrigerator motors are responsible for different functions within these appliances. 

  1. Compressor Motor:
    • Both air conditioners AC  and refrigerator motor  have a compressor motor. This motor is the heart of the cooling cycle in both systems.
    • In an AC, the compressor motor pressurizes and circulates the refrigerant to transfer heat from the indoor air to the outdoor environment, thereby cooling the indoor air.
    • In a refrigerator, the compressor motor is responsible for compressing the refrigerant, which increases its pressure and temperature, facilitating the removal of heat from inside the refrigerator. This keeps the contents of the fridge cool.
  2. Fan Motor:
    • Both AC and refrigerator motor have fan motors. These motors are used for different purposes in each appliance.
    • In an AC, a fan motor is used to blow air over the evaporator coil (inside unit) and the condenser coil (outside unit). The evaporator coil cools the indoor air, while the condenser coil releases heat to the outdoor environment.
    • In a refrigerator, a fan motor is typically used to circulate air inside the fridge, ensuring even cooling and preventing temperature stratification. Some refrigerators also have a condenser fan to dissipate heat from the coils on the back or underneath the appliances.
  3. Evaporator Fan Motor (Refrigerator):
    • In a refrigerator, the evaporator fan motor is crucial for the circulation of cold air within the fridge’s compartments. It ensures that the temperature inside the refrigerator remains consistent and that all items are adequately cooled.
  4. Condenser Fan Motor (Refrigerator):
    • Some refrigerators have a condenser fan motor that aids in dissipating heat generated by the condenser coils. This helps maintain the efficiency of the refrigerator’s cooling system.
  5. Defrost Timer and Motor (Refrigerator):
    • Refrigerators often have a defrost system that includes a timer and a motor. The motor is responsible for moving a defrost heater or defrosting coil within the freezer compartment. This prevents the build-up of ice on the evaporator coil, ensuring efficient cooling.
  6. Blower Motor (Some AC Units):
    • In central air conditioning systems, a blower motor is used to circulate cooled air through the ductwork and into various rooms. It’s responsible for pushing the conditioned air into the living spaces.

 Air Conditioning Motors( AC and Refrigerator Motors)

The air conditioner fan motor drives the AC fan, which blows air in and out of the house. This is important for moving hot air to the outside of the building, as well as blowing cool air through the ductwork and into the rooms. The fan motor is a vital part that must be running well for the AC unit to do its job.

What is the basic principle of AC motor?
The fundamental operation of an AC Motor depends on the principle of magnetism. The simple AC Motor contains a coil of wire and two fixed magnets surrounding a shaft. When an electric (AC) charge applies to the coil of wire, it becomes an electromagnet. This electromagnet generates a magnetic field.
AC and Refrigerator motorsAC and Refrigerator motors
Classification of AC motors

AC motors are mainly classified into four types such as Synchronous motors, induction motors, single-phase motors and three-phase motors.
Most commonly used in the industry is the permanent split capacitor motors. These motors are used in systems that have variable speed fans which can adjust up and down as demand changes instead of running in only full on/off modes.

Refrigerators Motors (AC and Refrigerator Motors)

Single phase induction motor is used in household refrigerators.AC and Refrigerator Motors
Why induction motor is used in refrigerator?
A refrigeration system with single-phase induction motor compressor is used to operate the cooling process at constant speed and On/Off control mode. Using a motor driver with this system allows us to utilize variable speed control algorithms, and gives many opportunities to improve energy efficiency.
Which motor is used in AC and refrigerator?
PSC Motors ( AC and Refrigerator Motors )

Permanent Split Capacitor (PSC) electric motors have many HVAC applications. They are used for many refrigeration and air conditioning compressor applications. These motors, are single phase electric motors.

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