Magnetron In MicrowaveOven

Introduction of Microwave Magnetron   In the realm of modern kitchen appliances, the microwave oven stands as a symbol of convenience and efficiency. At the core of this ingenious device lies a remarkable component known as the magnetron. This microwave magnetron is powerful device and responsible for transforming our culinary landscape, revolutionizing the way we …

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Refrigerator Thermostat

Thermostat in Refrigerator

 Role of Refrigerator Thermostat A thermostat in a refrigerator is a fundamental component that plays a crucial role in maintaining the optimal temperature for storing food and preserving its freshness. This device is responsible for regulating the cooling system within the refrigerator to ensure that it operates efficiently and keeps the internal temperature within the …

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bimetal in refrigerator

Bimetal in Refrigerator

Bimetal in Refrigerators: Refrigerators have become an indispensable part of our daily lives, preserving perishable goods and ensuring food safety. These appliances rely on a sophisticated system of components to maintain the desired temperature inside the refrigerator compartment. One crucial component in this system is the bimetallic thermostat, commonly referred to as a bimetal. In …

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GearBox in Washing Machine

Washing Machine GearBox (gearbox in washing machine)

GearBox in Washing Machine Working The gearbox in washing machine is one of the coolest parts of the washing machine. The gearbox is responsible for controlling the speed and direction of the agitator or drum, which is the part of the washing machine that rotates and moves the clothes around during the wash cycle. Without …

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AC and Refrigerator motors

Types of motors

What is AC and refrigerator motors and how it works? Air conditioners (ACs) and refrigerator motor both use motors as integral components of their systems. These AC and refrigerator motors are responsible for different functions within these appliances.  Compressor Motor: Both air conditioners AC  and refrigerator motor  have a compressor motor. This motor is the …

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refrigeration compressor

Compressors in Refrigeration

What is the function of Refrigeration compressor ?   Compressors play a crucial role in refrigeration systems, acting as the “heart” that circulates refrigerant and facilitates the heat exchange process. There are several types of compressors used in refrigeration, each with its own advantages and applications. A compressor is a machine or tool used to …

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AC Cooling Coil

Cooling Coils in AC (Air Conditioner)

AC Cooling Coil: The cooling coil in an air conditioning (AC) system is a crucial component responsible for cooling and dehumidifying the air before it is circulated into the living or working space. It is often located within the indoor unit of a split system air conditioner or in an air handling unit (AHU) of …

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