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Like a fantasy that feels unreal, every delicacy by ‘Layers’ holds a charm that enchants with every bite, allowing one to be swept into a moment of bliss, making all your dessert creams come true!

Founded in Delhi in 2020, the philosophy of Layers Bakeshop was simple; to create connections through desserts while striking the ideal balance between flavor and feeling.

Since the beginning, Layers has secured an irreplaceable spot in the hearts of people.

Wide Variety Of Delicious Cake

Being the quintessential representation of aesthetics and taste, a Layers dessert is consumed by the eyes well before delighting the tastebuds!

A Layers dessert sweeps you away into a sweet fantasy, where your wildest dessert dreams are realized. Infused with decadent magic, every flavor dances on the palette to a sweet symphony.

Our Collections

Strawberry Cake
Chocolate Cake
White Cherry
Fruit Cake

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Cup Cake Variety

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